Dolphin Lapbook

Will you be visiting an Aquarium or Sea World this summer? If so, now is a great time to make a Dolphin theme lapbook with your child. You could start this before your visit and finish it afterwards by adding pictures you take on your visit.

The Dolphin lapbook shown here was made by Sprite, daughter of Jimmie, a homeschooling mom located in China. Sprite does a great job making interesting lapbooks. You can find more information about making lapbooks here > Lapbooking


Dolphin Lapbook Cover


Inside of Dolphin Lapbook

Sprite uses several different types of minibooks inside of her lapbook to make it more interesting. For example, she uses a dolphin shaped minibook, a tabbed minibook, and a matchbook minibook.


Dophin Shaped Minibook


Dophin Anatomy Tabbed Minibook


Dophin Behaviors Matchbook Minibook


Dolphin vs Porpoise Minibook

Photos thanks to: / CC BY 2.0

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