Homeschool Lapbook About Sound

Editor’s Note: The homeschool Lapbook about Sound featured in this post is made by Sprite, daughter of Jimmie, a homeschooling Mom. Please check back or subscribe to this blog and each post will be delivered to your email box. Thanks for reading!

Ideas for a Lapbook About Sound

Sprite was taking 4th grade Science in homeschool when she made this Sound Lapbook. She has included several mini-books in different styles and sizes in this lapbook. The mini-books include What is Sound, Hearing Sound, Sound Through States of Matter, Sound Decibles, How Sound Travels, and more. Mini-books make learning more interesting and fun! You can see more photos of this entire lapbook by visiting Jimmie’s Flickr photo gallery: Sound Lapbook Photos

Sound Lapbook Cover

Sound Lapbook Cover

Planning Your Sound Lapbook:
Always plan out your lapbook ahead of time. Decide which minibooks to use for each topic and where they will be placed within your lapbook. You can also use minibooks for small stand alone projects. In her Sound Lapbook, Sprite included several types of Mini-Books: shutterfold, flag books, trifold, matchbooks, and a 3-square unfolding mini-book.  Any of these could easily be used as a stand alone book for a seperate activity. You can see more photos of this entire lapbook by visiting Jimmie’s Flickr photo gallery: Sound Lapbook Photos 

Inside Sound Lapbook
Inside Sound Lapbook

You can find more information about making Lapbooks here > Lapbooking
Many thanks to Jimmie and Sprite for letting me share their lapbooking skills on this blog. Be sure and visit Jimmie’s blog, Jimmie’s Collage, and read about more of their homeschooling activities.

All photos are thanks to: / CC BY 2.0

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